genom3-pocolibs: genom3-pocolibs 1.8 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 8 years ago


  • Implement new genom_state port (of genom3-2.99.26)
  • Implement finer grain locking between codels and tasks. There is not global mutual exclusion anymore. Only the codels that do share resources are executed in sequence.
  • Implement 'paused transitions' (of genom 2.99.26)
  • Miscelaneous bug fixes (regarding json client code, sequence mappings, exception context in execution task).


genom3-pocolibs-1.8.tar.gz (356775 bytes)

genom3: genom3 2.99.26 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 8 years ago


  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Introduced 'paused' transitions. This allows to execute multiple states of a periodic activity during the same period. This breaks the behaviour of all activities running in a periodic task. In order to sleep until the next period, activities must now return a 'paused' transition (see documentation). A 'paused' transition in a task with no period behaves as the former special 'sleep' state (waits until another codel runs and returns a regular transition - i.e. not a paused one).
  • Dropped the special 'sleep' state (superseeded by 'paused' transitions).
  • Added a new [$codel mutex] template procedure, returning the list of mutually exclusive codels (sharing resources). This helps template in implementing better parallelism.
  • Do not require a 'start' state for permanent (task) activities. They can define only a 'stop' event.
  • Check at compile time that 'async' codels do not share any data with other tasks: since they are expected to run in parallel with other codels, this is a mandatory property. As a convenient exception, async codels sharing data with only the start or stop state of other permanent activities are still allowed.
  • Skeleton template remembers the -l c++ option so that 'make regen' works.
  • Miscelaneaous bug fixes, in particular in sequences mapping.


genom-2.99.26.tar.gz (812389 bytes)

jido: neobotix-libs 2.0

Added by Matthieu Herrb over 8 years ago

A stable version of the neobotix-libs package, adapted to the new computer in the Jido robot at LAAS has been released.

This version uses the Linux "socketcan" CAN bus interface instead of the proprietary Peak Systems "pcan" library to access the motors controllers and other boards (IO board, Gyro board, US board) on the platform.

It also has an updated build system.


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