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12:08 robotpkg Revision b44731c5 [master] (robotpkg): [mk/sysdep] Don't append extraneous space to PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX
Anthony Mallet


18:57 robotpkg/wip Revision e305aade [master] (robotpkg-wip): [wip/py-quadprog] Don't reference PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX in SYSTEM_SEARCH
PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX cannot be used before dependency resolution.
Fixes #212
Anthony Mallet
18:54 robotpkg Revision 85c12a81 (robotpkg): [mk/sysdep] Don't reference PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX in
PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX cannot be used before dependency resolution Anthony Mallet
18:38 robotpkg Bug #212 (Closed): PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX in
Applied in changeset commit:robotpkg|1132180db2df95e2fd05ca208fde70c1517277f3. Anthony Mallet
17:16 robotpkg Bug #212: PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX in
Mmm ... PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX is only available after the dependency
resolution, once the $WRKDIR/.sysdepends file is cre...
Anthony Mallet
18:32 robotpkg Revision 1132180d (robotpkg): [mk/sysdep] Make sure PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX is not referenced too early
PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX needs a python interpreter to be computed properly, so it
cannot be used before the dependency reso...
Anthony Mallet
17:34 genom3 Wiki edit: Genom3tutorialdemo-genom3 (#22)
Fix broken link Anthony Mallet
11:58 optitrack-genom3 optitrack-genom3 2.1 released
h3. Changes
* Support NatNet-3.0 streaming procotol
h3. Download
Anthony Mallet
11:55 robotpkg Revision 67b000be (robotpkg): [localization/optitrack-genom3] Update to 2.1
Changes since 2.0:
* Support NatNet-3.0 streaming protocol
Anthony Mallet
11:53 optitrack-genom3 Revision 02922d9b [master, tag: optitrack-genom3-2.1] (optitrack-genom3): Release 2.1
Anthony Mallet

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