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Aerial Robotics Testbed Developer 2014-03-14
ART CAD models Developer 2023-06-09
telekyb3 Developer 2023-06-09
maneuver-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
mikrokopter-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
mrsim-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
nhfc-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
phynt-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
rotorcraft-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
tk3-flash Developer 2023-06-09
tk3-matlab Developer 2023-06-09
tk3-mikrokopter Developer 2023-06-09
tk3-paparazzi Developer 2023-06-09
uavatt-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
uavpos-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
arduio Developer 2017-03-01
arduio-genom3 Developer 2017-03-01
dynamixel-genom3 Developer 2016-07-11
elmo-axis-libs Developer 2014-05-26
eltclsh Project administrator, Developer 2013-12-05
FAPE Developer 2014-10-27
gdhe Developer 2018-09-10
genom2 Developer 2014-12-19
tclserv Developer 2019-08-23
genom3 Developer 2014-03-03
demo-genom3 Developer 2018-07-30
genom3-bip Developer 2018-07-31
genom3-openprs Developer 2014-10-28
genom3-orocos Developer 2014-07-24
genom3-pocolibs Developer 2014-03-03
genom3-ros Developer 2014-03-03
genomix Developer 2014-03-03
matlab-genomix Developer 2015-06-16
python-genomix Developer 2022-02-16
rosix Developer 2015-05-28
tcl-genomix Developer 2014-03-03
HATP Developer 2014-04-04
hatpconsole Developer 2014-04-04
hatp_msgs Developer 2016-07-27
hatponboard Developer 2014-04-04
hatponboard-lib Developer 2014-04-04
hatp (ROS metapackage) Developer 2016-07-28
hatptester Developer 2014-04-04
libhatp - closed Developer 2014-04-04
msgconnector - closed Developer 2014-04-04
Image processing software Developer 2018-11-23
camera-genom3 Developer 2024-02-21
hueblob-genom Developer 2018-11-23
realsense-genom3 Developer 2024-02-21
iRobot robots Developer 2017-01-24
IVMob Developer 2014-06-04
jido Developer 2015-03-09
joystick-genom3 Developer 2016-04-15
libkdtp Developer 2017-11-06
lwr-controller Developer 2014-05-16
lwrc-genom Developer 2014-05-16
lwri-genom Developer 2014-05-16
Miscelaneous sensors Developer 2018-08-14
daqflex-libs Developer 2018-08-14
ftsens-genom3 Developer 2021-08-04
icub-libs Developer 2023-04-03
kvh-gyro Developer 2018-08-14
mccdaqft-genom3 Developer 2018-08-21
teraranger-genom3 Developer 2021-09-29
xsens-mti Developer 2018-08-14
mkdep Developer 2018-09-10
Move3d Developer 2017-05-02
mPower Developer 2014-09-07
openrobots-idl Project administrator, Developer 2014-03-10
pepper Developer 2016-08-01
naoqios-ros Developer 2016-08-05
pepper_teleop Developer 2016-08-01
pocolibs Developer 2014-12-19
Pose estimation and localization software Developer 2019-03-21
gps Developer 2019-05-22
gps-genom3 Developer 2019-05-22
optitrack-genom3 Developer 2019-03-21
pom-genom3 Developer 2019-03-21
xsensmvn-genom3 Developer 2021-11-19
pr2motion-genom3 Developer 2016-07-25
pr2-robot Developer 2017-05-22
robotpkg Project administrator, Developer, Reporter 2014-02-11
pkgrepo2deb Project administrator, Developer 2017-01-23
rbulkit Project administrator, Developer 2018-05-07
robotpkg-www Project administrator, Developer 2014-10-30
robotpkg/wip Project administrator, Developer 2014-02-13
segway-robots Developer 2015-08-18
shary2 Developer 2014-05-13
Sick LD-MRS Developer 2015-08-17
Simulation and hardware emulation software Developer 2019-04-02
dxsim-gazebo Developer 2023-07-20
gazebocam-genom3 Developer 2024-02-28
gazeboft-genom3 Developer 2023-12-12
libdynamixel Developer 2023-07-20
libmrsim Developer 2019-04-02
mrsim-gazebo Developer 2019-04-02
optitrack-gazebo Developer 2019-04-02
softMotion Developer 2016-03-07
Speech processing and audio software Developer 2020-03-05
textos-genom Developer 2020-03-05
Velodyne-lidars Developer 2018-06-07
vstp Developer 2018-04-04



19:26 nhfc-genom3 Revision 41e212f5 (nhfc-genom3): Update the wrench saturation algorithm by an optimization routine
The previous bissection algorithm was not able to find a proper saturation in
many circumstances. Indeed, it is somet...
Anthony Mallet
19:26 nhfc-genom3 Revision d8b54818 [master] (nhfc-genom3): Sprinkle a .noalias() in safe matrix multiplications
Anthony Mallet
19:11 nhfc-genom3 Revision 6bfc0100 (nhfc-genom3): Compute the min/max admissible torque given propellers limits
In addition to the min/max thrust, computing the min/max torque allows to clip
the desired wrench to reasonable limit...
Anthony Mallet


17:21 tk3-paparazzi Revision 6d900cb6 [master] (tk3-paparazzi): Report battery level of 0 when main power is not detected
Anthony Mallet
17:21 tk3-paparazzi Revision 2b3da969 (tk3-paparazzi): Prevent battery power glitches to create recursive "power on" events
The bateery may have a temporary glitch (typically when asked to deliver too
much current). In this case, a spurious ...
Anthony Mallet
17:21 tk3-paparazzi Revision 3aebb00d (tk3-paparazzi): Record the minimum battery level between two logged samples
Instead of returning current battery voltage, return the minimum level
recorded between two sample times. This will m...
Anthony Mallet
16:39 tk3-paparazzi Revision 33eed514 (tk3-paparazzi): Add exponential backoff timer for restarting I2C buses
Instead of waiting 5s before reconfiguring failed buses, first try after 10ms
and double time up to 5s if the bus is ...
Anthony Mallet
16:32 tk3-paparazzi Revision 90d5fb03 (tk3-paparazzi): Improve strategy for unlocking I2C slaves
Implement the strategy described in AN10216 page 17 slide 42. Anthony Mallet
16:31 tk3-paparazzi Revision 49ed71e0 (tk3-paparazzi): Make the kill switch less aggressive by only stopping motors
Resetting the sensors or the usb link is a bit too aggressive and prevents
from getting further error messages from t...
Anthony Mallet


18:44 tk3-mikrokopter tk3-mikrokopter 1.9 released
h3. Changes
* Add a 'disarm' timeout stopping motors (default 10s)
h3. Download
Anthony Mallet

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