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12:05 robotpkg Revision dcb3db12 [master]: [simulation/gazebo-ros-pkgs] Add a better SYSTEM_PKG description
This meta-package is a bit weird: it's a meta-package that installs
a package of the same name, plus other packages. ...


18:54 maneuver-genom3 Revision 0f0b3ebb [master]: Require libkdtp >= 1.2
18:53 libkdtp Revision 6fd0163b [master]: Bump version to 1.2 after changes in LocalPath::getAllAt() API
18:42 libkdtp Revision 5b4ad0ed: Save again some extra memory allocation
18:35 libkdtp Revision 78b4e684: Remove useless tests
All callers of this function already perform the tests.
18:29 libkdtp Revision b1d207e7: Minor cleanup: remove dead code, rearrange a bit
17:59 libkdtp Revision 89a488e2: Don't use stl::vector in poly_root_{2,3,4} functions
We know the upper bound on the number of solutions of a polynomial, so let
those functions put their solution in an a...
15:43 genom3-ros Bug #149 (Closed): ROS and armv8(64bits arm) : timeout reading /"component"/genom_state
OK, good :)
I usually put a simlink in $HOME/.ros to /tmp, to avoid keeping those logs.
If you have enough RAM, y...
11:29 maneuver-genom3 Revision 9011c305: Integrate quaternion directly, avoiding trigonometric functions
11:29 maneuver-genom3 Revision c0c6221f: Add missing exception in set_current_state

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