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18:20 genom3-ros Revision 7e473b05 [master]: Factor out xml quoting for the manifest.xml generation
Since quoting is required for a few different entities in the manifest.xml
file, better write a proper quoting functi...
14:35 dynamixel-genom3 dynamixel-genom3 2.1 released
h3. Changes
* Fix an issue with the dynamixel "byte stuffing" algorithm. In certain rare circumstances, wrongly e...
14:32 dynamixel-genom3 Revision baea009b [master, tag: dynamixel-genom3-2.1]: Release 2.1
14:29 robotpkg Revision a531e196 [master]: [hardware/dynamixel-genom3] Update to 2.1
Changes since 2.0:
* Fix an issue with the dynamixel "byte stuffing" algorithm. In certain rare
circumstances, w...
14:26 genom3-ros Revision 7d59c342: Fix manifest.xml generation when double quotes are in the main component doc
In the brief="..." attribute of the description tag of the manifest.xml, double
quotes must be escaped.
While here, ...
14:21 dynamixel-genom3 Revision cf5cac40: Remove double quotes from the main component doc.
An issue with genom3-ros-1.17 prevents to generate a valid manifest.xml when "
are used in the main component doc. Th...
14:05 dynamixel-genom3 Revision f9184209: Add a bit of documentation
Also moved various services after the "connect" service so that they appear in
a more meaningful order in the doc.
11:48 dynamixel-genom3 Revision 7ba63aee: Add a stop() function, setting a zero velocity on all motors
11:22 dynamixel-genom3 Revision a154ae5e: Send a zero velocity target to all motors when disconnecting


19:11 dynamixel-genom3 Revision 61727c0d: Update configure() service so that it disconnects an existing connection first

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