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Aerial Robotics Testbed Developer 2014-03-14
ART CAD models Developer 2023-06-09
telekyb3 Developer 2023-06-09
maneuver-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
mikrokopter-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
mrsim-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
nhfc-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
phynt-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
rotorcraft-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
tk3-flash Developer 2023-06-09
tk3-matlab Developer 2023-06-09
tk3-mikrokopter Developer 2023-06-09
tk3-paparazzi Developer 2023-06-09
uavatt-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
uavpos-genom3 Developer 2023-06-09
arduio Developer 2017-03-01
arduio-genom3 Developer 2017-03-01
dynamixel-genom3 Developer 2016-07-11
elmo-axis-libs Developer 2014-05-26
eltclsh Project administrator, Developer 2013-12-05
FAPE Developer 2014-10-27
gdhe Developer 2018-09-10
genom2 Developer 2014-12-19
tclserv Developer 2019-08-23
genom3 Developer 2014-03-03
demo-genom3 Developer 2018-07-30
genom3-bip Developer 2018-07-31
genom3-openprs Developer 2014-10-28
genom3-orocos Developer 2014-07-24
genom3-pocolibs Developer 2014-03-03
genom3-ros Developer 2014-03-03
genomix Developer 2014-03-03
matlab-genomix Developer 2015-06-16
python-genomix Developer 2022-02-16
rosix Developer 2015-05-28
tcl-genomix Developer 2014-03-03
HATP Developer 2014-04-04
hatpconsole Developer 2014-04-04
hatp_msgs Developer 2016-07-27
hatponboard Developer 2014-04-04
hatponboard-lib Developer 2014-04-04
hatp (ROS metapackage) Developer 2016-07-28
hatptester Developer 2014-04-04
libhatp - closed Developer 2014-04-04
msgconnector - closed Developer 2014-04-04
Image processing software Developer 2018-11-23
camera-genom3 Developer 2024-02-21
hueblob-genom Developer 2018-11-23
realsense-genom3 Developer 2024-02-21
iRobot robots Developer 2017-01-24
IVMob Developer 2014-06-04
jido Developer 2015-03-09
joystick-genom3 Developer 2016-04-15
libkdtp Developer 2017-11-06
lwr-controller Developer 2014-05-16
lwrc-genom Developer 2014-05-16
lwri-genom Developer 2014-05-16
Miscelaneous sensors Developer 2018-08-14
daqflex-libs Developer 2018-08-14
ftsens-genom3 Developer 2021-08-04
icub-libs Developer 2023-04-03
kvh-gyro Developer 2018-08-14
mccdaqft-genom3 Developer 2018-08-21
teraranger-genom3 Developer 2021-09-29
xsens-mti Developer 2018-08-14
mkdep Developer 2018-09-10
Move3d Developer 2017-05-02
mPower Developer 2014-09-07
openrobots-idl Project administrator, Developer 2014-03-10
pepper Developer 2016-08-01
naoqios-ros Developer 2016-08-05
pepper_teleop Developer 2016-08-01
pocolibs Developer 2014-12-19
Pose estimation and localization software Developer 2019-03-21
gps Developer 2019-05-22
gps-genom3 Developer 2019-05-22
optitrack-genom3 Developer 2019-03-21
pom-genom3 Developer 2019-03-21
xsensmvn-genom3 Developer 2021-11-19
pr2motion-genom3 Developer 2016-07-25
pr2-robot Developer 2017-05-22
robotpkg Project administrator, Developer, Reporter 2014-02-11
pkgrepo2deb Project administrator, Developer 2017-01-23
rbulkit Project administrator, Developer 2018-05-07
robotpkg-www Project administrator, Developer 2014-10-30
robotpkg/wip Project administrator, Developer 2014-02-13
segway-robots Developer 2015-08-18
shary2 Developer 2014-05-13
Sick LD-MRS Developer 2015-08-17
Simulation and hardware emulation software Developer 2019-04-02
dxsim-gazebo Developer 2023-07-20
gazebocam-genom3 Developer 2024-02-28
gazeboft-genom3 Developer 2023-12-12
libdynamixel Developer 2023-07-20
libmrsim Developer 2019-04-02
mrsim-gazebo Developer 2019-04-02
optitrack-gazebo Developer 2019-04-02
softMotion Developer 2016-03-07
Speech processing and audio software Developer 2020-03-05
textos-genom Developer 2020-03-05
Velodyne-lidars Developer 2018-06-07
vstp Developer 2018-04-04



18:30 genom3 Revision e437cf5e [master] (genom3): Rewrite the component model doc
The UML diagram provided here was probably not helpful, so replace it with a
textual description of the elements maki...
Anthony Mallet


18:56 robotpkg Revision 035cdf85 [master] (robotpkg): [doc/boost-docs] Remove boost-docs (leftover from commit:72e2a11)
Anthony Mallet
18:39 robotpkg/wip Revision 6b3b5276 [master] (robotpkg-wip): [meta-pkgs/boost] Delete outdated boost package and make it sysdep-only
The boost package in robotpkg was very much obsolete and thus quite
useless. And there is nowadays no need for a boos...
Anthony Mallet
18:31 robotpkg Revision 72e2a112 (robotpkg): [meta-pkgs/boost] Delete outdated boost package and make it sysdep-only
The boost package in robotpkg was very much obsolete and thus quite
useless. And there is nowadays no need for a boos...
Anthony Mallet
15:09 gazebocam-genom3 Revision ef95ea8e [master] (gazebocam-genom3): Rename to gazebocam and rewrite using camera interface
For consistency with other gazebo drivers, change the name from camgazebo to
Use the camera interface, so...
Anthony Mallet


18:48 camera-genom3 Revision cf870ab9 [master] (camera-genom3): Allow a job to cancel itself after running
Oneshot jobs can be useful to update e.g. image info. Update the return type of
the job function to return an enum in...
Anthony Mallet
17:43 realsense-genom3 Revision e151f53a [master] (realsense-genom3): Use new enum return type from camera_job
Anthony Mallet


18:42 camera-genom3 Revision 5573ef83 (camera-genom3): Add camviz, a simple stupid visualization script
camviz is a sample script using python-genomix and python-opencv to retrieve
the contents of an image in a bank via g...
Anthony Mallet
18:14 genom3 Revision 35c629c4 (genom3): When merging doc from a different context, omit the title line
This allows to have a specific introduction in interfaces documentation that
are merged into concrete components.
A ...
Anthony Mallet
15:12 genom3 Revision 0240a0d9 (genom3): Avoid potential NULL assertion when a codel can't be cloned
Anthony Mallet

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