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15:58 tk3-mikrokopter Revision ba41fe95 [master] (tk3-mikrokopter): Add missing 'start-period' parameter in the ESC parameters doc


18:18 robotpkg Bug #158 (Closed): Re: Updating HPP in Robotpkg
18:17 robotpkg Bug #160 (Closed): 18.04 apt repository
18:15 robotpkg-www Revision 3fb8f609 [master] (robotpkg-www): Mention ubuntu 18.04 in the available apt repositories
16:41 robotpkg Bug #161 (Closed): swig 3
Applied in changeset commit:robotpkg|8a99afc51ff4e2103fe99f28a35b1cc7e025df6a.
16:39 robotpkg Revision 8a99afc5 [master] (robotpkg): [devel/swig] Search for versionned versions of bin/swig in
Look for bin/swig[0-9]* before bin/swig, so that versionned versions are also
found. This fixes build on ubuntu and o...
16:36 robotpkg Bug #161: swig 3
On Thursday 24 May 2018, at 16:17, Guilhem Saurel wrote:
> root@5c452463261a:~/robotpkg/wip/py-mraa# which swig
> roo...
16:08 robotpkg Bug #161: swig 3
On Thursday 24 May 2018, at 16:05, Guilhem Saurel wrote:
> ERROR: Missing system packages required for mraa-1.9.0:
> ...
15:49 robotpkg Revision 61322fe4 (robotpkg): [middleware/openrtm-aist] Fix build on ubuntu-18.04
omniORB libraries were moved in lib/x86_64 on ubuntu-18.04-amd64, where the
configure script of openrtm-aist cannot f...
15:45 robotpkg Revision c42a01b7 (robotpkg): [simulation/gazebo-ros-pkgs] Update DEPEND_ABI.gazebo: 9 is not supported
gazebo-9 support started only in ros-melodic and requires much work, which does
not make much sense for the indigo ve...

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