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Image processing software Developer 2018-11-23
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Simulation and hardware emulation software Developer 2019-04-02
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softMotion Developer 2016-03-07
Speech processing and audio software Developer 2020-03-05
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mrsim-genom3 Developer 2016-10-06
nhfc-genom3 Developer 2015-09-28
phynt-genom3 Developer 2018-07-03
rotorcraft-genom3 Developer 2019-08-13
tk3-flash Developer 2014-12-01
tk3-matlab Developer 2015-06-30
tk3-mikrokopter Developer 2015-01-20
tk3-paparazzi Developer 2021-03-27
uavatt-genom3 Developer 2018-06-07
uavpos-genom3 Developer 2018-06-07
Velodyne-lidars Developer 2018-06-07
vstp Developer 2018-04-04



18:57 pom-genom3 Revision b95add66 [master] (pom-genom3): Fix kalman observation model with non-zero sensor offset
A rotation into world frame of the translation part of the offset was missing
in the observation of linear velocity a...
Anthony Mallet
17:36 rotorcraft-genom3 Bug #339: Impossible to calibrate mikrokopter using rotorcraft 3.2
Thanks for the log.
In this log, it appears that the motion detection (moq_*) is always
below 20, so I don't see why...
Anthony Mallet
12:00 rotorcraft-genom3 Bug #339: Impossible to calibrate mikrokopter using rotorcraft 3.2
Can you test with commit:dd42846 and generate a log file? Anthony Mallet
11:58 rotorcraft-genom3 Revision dd428463 [master] (rotorcraft-genom3): Log calibration data when requested even if calibration fails
In order to analyze calibration failures, log file may be useful.
Should help with issue #339.
Anthony Mallet
11:34 rotorcraft-genom3 Revision 08adf35b (rotorcraft-genom3): Fix connection with unchanged baudrate: don't overwrite termios cflags
Anthony Mallet


19:50 rotorcraft-genom3 Bug #339: Impossible to calibrate mikrokopter using rotorcraft 3.2
Yes, with mikrokopter flight controller, it's much worse.
In release 3.1, the hardcoded "motion detector" was tuned a...
Anthony Mallet
17:22 rotorcraft-genom3 Bug #339: Impossible to calibrate mikrokopter using rotorcraft 3.2
Did you try to increase the motion detection threshold with
By default it's "10", so you can...
Anthony Mallet
17:42 rotorcraft-genom3 Bug #340: Wrong component description
Yes, that was from rotorcraft-1.0 and became wrong after
I'll fix it, thanks!
Anthony Mallet


15:42 robotpkg Revision dcf2005b [master] (robotpkg): [middleware/openrtm-aist] In SUBST.throw, make sed command POSIX compliant
sed commands within braces must be followed by a semicolon or newline. Anthony Mallet
14:35 robotpkg Revision 2d3c34ca (robotpkg): [middleware/openrtm-aist] Fix build with C++17
Brute-force remove all dynamic exception specification, using a SUBST stage
instead of many verbose patches.
Bump PK...
Anthony Mallet

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