Anthony Mallet





17:10 robotpkg Revision 1f518102 [master] (robotpkg): [image/viman-genom] Fix build with opencv3>3.4
patch-ab: add missing header - while here, switch to opencv2 headers.
17:10 robotpkg Revision 248dbe49 (robotpkg): [graphics/ros-geometric-shapes] Fix build
patch-ab: eigen3 does not have a cmake find_package, use pkg-config. Add
link_directory for assimp
16:30 robotpkg Revision f09b4023 (robotpkg): [robots/hrpsys-base] Fix boost_python library name
Since this library name is highly dependent of the distribution, let robotpkg
patch it live at package configuration ...
11:41 robotpkg Revision 20cf661f (robotpkg): [robots/player20-libs] Headers leak a dependency on RPC, add rpc to
This fixes the build for packages using this package headers when libtirpc must
be used.
While here, fix SYSTEM_SEARCH.
11:25 robotpkg Revision fde42017 (robotpkg): [middleware/yarp] Fix build with recent Qt5
patch-ai: add missing Qt header for QIntValidator


18:26 robotpkg Revision ffe308fe (robotpkg): [image/sift] Add dependency on libX11
This is to pull the PKG_CONFIG_PATH for xproto, which is needed by gtk.
18:22 robotpkg Revision df87163e (robotpkg): [image/visp] Fix stealth typo
patch-ao: For some reason, older gcc allowed a comparision between a pointer
and a \0 char, which hid this typo for a...
18:18 robotpkg Revision 9cd76588 (robotpkg): [math/pinocchio] Better fix build with gcc-8
Update patch-ac according to
Reported by Guilhem, thanks!
15:26 robotpkg Revision d31ac09b (robotpkg): [math/ros-eigen-stl-container] Add missing dependency on ros-cmake-modules
15:24 robotpkg Revision a34030f9 (robotpkg): [sysutils/py-rospkg] Add missing dependency on py-setuptools

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