These pages contain the collection of software that is being developed at LAAS/CNRS for the Architecture for Autonomous Systems project or the robots platform. All together, the software provided here tackles the study and design of autonomous machines integrating perception, action and reasoning capabilities.

Getting Started

robotpkg is an infrastructure that helps a lot in compiling and installing Openrobots components. It manages the dependencies and is able to handle updates automatically. Check the quick setup guide if you want to give it a try.

Support & getting help

For getting help or discussing about the software, you can send e-mails to . You can also subscribe to the mailing list.

If you want to closely follow the development, individual commits messages for most of the projects are sent to the mailing list.

Latest news

genom3-ros: genom3-ros 1.19 released
Added by Anthony Mallet 4 days ago

genom3-pocolibs: genom3-pocolibs 1.11 released
Added by Anthony Mallet 4 days ago

genom3: genom3 2.99.31 released
Added by Anthony Mallet 4 days ago

segway-robots: rmp-libs updated
rmp-libs (interface library for the Segway RMP400 robots) has been upgraded to version 0.5 and rmp-genom (the Genom v2 component) has been updated
Added by Matthieu Herrb 18 days ago

openrobots-idl: openrobots-idl 1.6 released
Added by Anthony Mallet 25 days ago

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