gps-genom3: gps-genom3 1.2 released

Added by Anthony Mallet about 2 months ago


  • Add cancel_rtcm() to ignore/do not send some RTCM messages
  • Add enable_rtcm() to accept again a canceled RTCM message
  • Add monitor_fix() to wait for a given fix quality
  • Fix u-blox driver on USB (tested with M8P-2 and F9P models)
  • Allow processing input RTCM streams in u-blox driver
  • Enable u-blox High Precision Position message processing
  • Improve rtk_stats() by showing # sent, received and ignored messages
  • Update documentation
  • Update example startup script with more RTCM3 messages



genom3: genom3 2.99.34 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 3 months ago


  • Add missing comma separator in the list of skeleton .pc files.
  • Allow renaming of attribute parameters - as for codels with :: syntax.
  • Handle non-ASCII paths and file names in genom installation prefix and in components source directories (#224).
  • Handle non-ASCII characters in the main heading comment of .gen files.



matlab-genomix: matlab-genomix 1.8.4 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 3 months ago


  • Fix an issue when deleting a client holding deleted requests handles.
  • Remove requests handles references in clients when deleting them.
  • Fix loading of saved clients, by reconnecting the client.
  • Fix wrong unlocking of the pluging in memory while there might still be active clients.
  • Added optional debugging messages
  • Made public some interesting properties of clients or requests (like client host name, request id, requests client, ...).



rotorcraft-genom3: mikrokopter-genom3 renamed to rotorcraft-genom3

Added by Anthony Mallet 5 months ago

This component will control newer paparazzi-based hardware, so the name 'mikrokopter' would be a misnomer. rotorcraft-genom3 is just a rename of mikrokopter-genom3, so it is fully compatible.

The old project mikrokopter-genom3 has been closed and marked as read-only. The git repository is still accessible read-only, but it will receive no updates.

You are encouraged to switch your clones to the new remote using for instance:

git remote set-url origin ssh://


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