rotorcraft-genom3: mikrokopter-genom3 renamed to rotorcraft-genom3

Added by Anthony Mallet about 1 month ago

This component will control newer paparazzi-based hardware, so the name 'mikrokopter' would be a misnomer. rotorcraft-genom3 is just a rename of mikrokopter-genom3, so it is fully compatible.

The old project mikrokopter-genom3 has been closed and marked as read-only. The git repository is still accessible read-only, but it will receive no updates.

You are encouraged to switch your clones to the new remote using for instance:

git remote set-url origin ssh://

segway-robots: rmp440-libs updated

Added by Matthieu Herrb about 1 month ago

This new version fixes a couple of bugs and introduces a new simulator process, as part of the testing code. It also include an initial implementation (not fully working yet) of code allowing to change the rmp440 configuration and save it.

pom-genom3: pom-genom3 3.1 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 3 months ago


  • Add an attribute selecting the prediction model (constant velocity or constant acceleration)
  • Fix the replay service so that it can read newer log files
  • Add the variance of the state in the state log file
  • Log the delay of measurements (current time versus measurement time stamp)




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