maneuver-genom3: maneuver-genom3 1.4 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 16 days ago


  • Add a velocity() function to reach a desired velocity in minimum time.
  • Rename "reset" function to "stop", which is hopefully more clear.
  • Rename set_velocity, acceleration et al. to set_velocity_limit et al.
  • Fix the semantic of interrupt codels in motion activities (#147).
  • Cancel any current trajectory after a new "goto" or "takeoff" (#135).
  • Fix an internal race condition possibly reading a off-by-one trajectory sample.
  • This is the last realease before 2.x, which will bring incompatible changes.



libkdtp: libkdtp 1.2 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 16 days ago


  • Optimize a lot of functions by avoiding stl::vector and using arrays instead, saving much CPU. (This changes a few public APIs like "getAllAt()").
  • Fix a number of floating point issues (avoid divisions by 0, underflows).
  • Fix a few corner case issues in polynomial resolution



jido: mor-libs 0.3

Added by Matthieu Herrb 30 days ago

After several years of sleep, a new version of the interface library for jido2 (the Neobotix MOR platform customized for LAAS with a spine carrying manipulator arms) has been released.
It switches the CAN interface to the Linux socketcan API and contains several fixes to make the interface usable. There are also no more dependencies on pocolibs, making it possible to interface this with any Genom3 template, or directly within a ROS node.


Also available in: Atom