gps-genom3: gps-genom3 1.6 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 1 day ago


  • Add set_ecutoff() service to configure minimum satellite elevation cutoff
  • Set the ublox dynamic platform model to something more dynamic
  • Add set_timestamp_mode() service to configure the timestamp of GPS solutions
  • Add set_frame() to change the mapping from ENU to XYZ
  • gcc-10 compatibility



rotorcraft-genom3: rotorcraft-genom3 3.4 released

Added by Anthony Mallet about 2 months ago


  • Add pconnect() service to connect to multiple hardware devices.
  • Update the e_rate exception to report the name of the low-rate sensor.
  • Fix set_zero* functions not resetting the gyroscope bias.
  • Fix possible deadlock when stopping component while the connection is broken.
  • Receive and log IMU temperature if present.
  • Log battery level.
  • Log raw IMU and magnetometer measurements in addition to filtered ones, so that the filtering performance can be assessed.
  • Log IMU filter settings, IMU calibration and sensor rates at the beginning of the log file and as soon as they are updated, so that the log file analysis gives all the important configuration details.
  • Log only new data samples and use '-' for unchanged data. Missing data (i.e. not updated since last log line) is replaced by '-' (ASCII 0x2d). This provides better feedback on the sample rates of the sensors and time of reception. This is compatible with "set datafile missing '-'" in gnuplot. An incompatible change is that column headers are in a different order than before. The column labels have been kept identical though, so log parsing scripts using the labels instead of the column number will continue to work as before.
  • Collect temperature during calibration and record the average. The calibration has a new 'temperature' parameter. It is unused at the moment (so it can be set to anything when loading calibration data from older versions). It gives an indication at which temperature the calibration was done so that it can be redone if necessary.



genom3: genom3 2.99.40 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 5 months ago


  • Remove the 'const' qualifier from the C mapping of _maximum in bounded sequence
  • Allow 'stack' property to be specified at component level (for all tasks)
  • Fix possibly missing 'optional' keyword in generated type documentation



uavatt-genom3: uavatt-genom3 1.2 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 7 months ago


  • Remove unused inertia matrix parameter (in set_geom() et al.)
  • Add set_gtmrp_geom() helper for Generically Tilted Multi-Rotor Platform
  • Don't fly until a robot geometry has been explicitly configured
  • Fix computation of thrust in body frame
  • Fix default thrust when no reference is present and robot is not horizontal




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