maneuver-genom3: maneuver 1.2 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 12 days ago


  • Always start next trajectory from the last state reached - not the current one
  • Add a set_current_state() service to reset the trajectory starting state
  • Ignore velocities and acceleration when setting the current state, because the noise present in those values might generate weird trajectories.



tk3-mikrokopter: tk3-mikrokopter 1.8.2 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 14 days ago


  • Fix SMC error computation (32 bits -> 16 bits conversion), preventing from triggering dynamic braking
  • Drop the hardcoded minimum PWM limit in open-loop control mode (now automatically switches to closed loop control when the velocity drops below ~15Hz)
  • Limit peak voltage due to dynamic braking to 23V (hardcoded conservative limit for the MKBL2.0 hardware).



pr2-robot: pr2-salt 0.5 released

Added by Matthieu Herrb about 2 months ago

version 0.5 (and the 0.4 version which was not advertised) include some refactoring to prepare support for other Ubuntu/ROS versions and fix a few issues.

pr2-robot: pr2-salt 0.2 released

Added by Matthieu Herrb 3 months ago

pr2-salt maintains the configuration of a PR2 robot using SaltStack ( This release produces a working configuration using
the original PR2 .deb files from Willow Garage, adapted by Clearpath Robotics for Ubuntu Trusty / ROS Indigo with bug fixes from LAAS.

Saltstack was preferred over building a full set of Debian packages because it makes the development / debug of the configuration easier by allowing seamless incremental testing. It is also easier to use this as the base for local customization of the robot's configuration.

For more information see the file in the repository.


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