matlab-genomix 1.8.3 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 4 months ago


  • Fix wrong count of active clients, possibly letting matlab garbage collect internal genomix data when it's not supposed to do it. * Fix possible memory corruption when deleting a client that could not connect (with an empty client id wich is interpreted as '0' by matlab). * Fix the client delete handler so that it cleans pending requests before closing the connection (as the former requires a connection). * In the doevents() function, check that the client did not disconnect in the meantime, preventing infinite wait. * Properly close client when the event socket is closed. * Properly close genomix session before deleting a client.



matlab-genomix 1.8.2 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 5 months ago


  • Handle background client disconnection in Matlab variables holding a reference to it. Should fix unexpected hangs after genomixd is killed and restarted. * Remove 'reconnect' client function: a client cannot be reconnected, this would potentially use an obsolete list of requests ids. * When deleting a client handle, also delete associated requets ids. * Make sure obsolete requests ids don't block in wait()



matlab-genomix 1.8 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 7 months ago


  • Allow variable-size input port in simulink "genomix request" blocks. In particular, 1D vectors or 2D matrices can be fed to the ports. 2D matrices are read in 'row major' mode. If fewer elements than required are given, no error is raised and either NaN will be put in scalar fields or an empty/truncated array will be sent. * Added 2 output ports in simulink blocks: errno and errmsg. errno contains the http transaction status (or 0 for success) and errmsg is a 'uint8' array containing the reported error message. * Don't stop simulink simulation upon transaction error in genomix blocks. Since the errno is available, it can be used by other block to make appropriate decisions.



matlab-genomix 1.7.2 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 1 year ago


  • Fix an issue where a client might be destroyed while still being referenced by component instances. In practice, this could lead to components sending requests to the wrong client. * Improve some common error messages by supressing the backtrace from the error message (the backtrace was a bit confusing for end users).




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