Bug #154

dependencies of wip/ packages to robotpkg/ packages not handled

Added by Anthony Mallet over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.



Since the migration of wip/ packages to a dedicated repository,
pkgrepo2deb is not able to properly add dependencies found in the main
robotpkg/ repository to the .deb package (which is thus lacking those).

This is because pkgrepo2deb computes expands dependencies with a
robotpkg_admin lsall in the wip/ repository, but this does not handle the
environment PKG_PATH to also look for them in the robotpkg/

Associated revisions

Revision c45f4ef8 (diff)
Added by Anthony Mallet over 1 year ago

Honour PKG_PATH when resolving robotpkg dependencies

The conversion from a robotpkg dependency to a debian dependency must list all
available robotpkg packages. This requires scanning PKG_PATH in addition to
$rpkgrepo, as not all dependencies might be in the same directory.

robotpkg_admin findbest is able to do this to find the best dependency, but
there is no robotpkg_admin findall that could do the same as robotpkg_admin
lsall. So one must manually iterate PKG_PATH entries with lsall and merge and
uniq the result.

Revision 868918ed (diff)
Added by Anthony Mallet over 1 year ago

[mk] Export PKG_PATH to pkgrepo2deb when building debian packages

Should address issue #154 and repair the dependencies of the debian packages
from wip/.



Updated by Anthony Mallet over 1 year ago

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