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18:03 FAPE Revision bae203b3 [acting] (fape): [constraints] Contingent points are only those with an incoming contingent link (i.e. do not consider contingent any timepoint already executed)
Arthur Bit-Monnot
18:01 FAPE Revision 645726f8 (fape): [constraints] Make sure we delete the incoming contingent link when a contingent point is marked as executed
Arthur Bit-Monnot
16:30 FAPE Revision 59b3ef6d (fape): [planning] Bug fix in the propagation of delays after contingent timepoints in their execution window
Arthur Bit-Monnot


16:51 FAPE Revision e2c70d48 (fape): [planning] Meaningful error message when a task name is not recorded.
Arthur Bit-Monnot
01:52 FAPE Revision f492f904 (fape): [constraints] Added a way to force the execution time of a given time point while ignoring the previous constraints to previously executed points
Arthur Bit-Monnot


23:03 FAPE Revision a5eee501 (fape): [planning,constraint] Minor rewording and clean up
Arthur Bit-Monnot
14:40 FAPE Revision 2e9d4b0a (fape): [acting] More work on supporting internal dispatchable timepoints + additional handlers
Arthur Bit-Monnot
14:37 FAPE Revision b062da0b (fape): [constraints] Implement missing method in WaitConstraint to get the objects it uses
Arthur Bit-Monnot
14:36 FAPE Revision ace5faf5 (fape): [planning] Added a flag to ask the planner to stop, throwing a PlanningInterrupted exception
Arthur Bit-Monnot
14:35 FAPE Revision ef65f3b5 (fape): [anml] Added a new annotation to define the type of a timepoint (e.g. dispatchable)
Arthur Bit-Monnot

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