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17:27 hatponboard-lib Revision faf32000 [master, tag: v3.5.1]: [Parser] Change the compilation process
The generated code from the domain is not compiled as an independent
static library. For more details see hatponboard...
17:24 hatponboard-lib Revision 4cec3634: [PlanningSession] Fix a part of the code that should not be triggered, still safer
17:18 hatponboard-lib Revision 8518a354: [ILGTP] Change name of param after a change in GTP
17:14 hatponboard Revision c014e5de [master, tag: v2.1.1]: [Onboard] Change the compilation process
Now the domain is compiled as a static library and included in both the
core and the database.
It allows to solve pr...


16:00 hatponboard Revision fff85660: [Database] Fix typo in the parameter name displayed in the help


17:26 hatp (ROS metapackage) Revision 104823f3 [master]: [Init] Create the repo for HATP meta-package
11:38 hatponboard Revision 32cecc5c [tag: v2.1.0]: [ROS] INTEGRATION IN ROS
Major code refactoring to integrate hatponboard in ROS.
Remove any dependencies to msgconnector.
Change the start-u...
11:33 msgconnector - closed Bug #77 (Rejected): Check that msgconnector works for every message length
No longer applies since msgconnector is now closed, HATP now relies on ROS to transport messages.


17:37 hatponboard-lib Revision 1dcf7a09 [tag: v3.5.0]: [ROS] INTEGRATION IN ROS
Major code refactoring to integrate hatponboard-lib in ROS.
Remove any dependencies to msgconnector.
The check and ...
17:32 hatp_msgs Revision 4d41a348 [master, tag: v1.0.0]: [libhatp] Fix minor compile issue for libhatp
The problem was due to the old gcc4.6 that does not understand a
constructor that calls another constructor. So expan...

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