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arduio Developer 2017-03-01
arduio-genom3 Developer 2017-03-01
dynamixel-genom3 Developer 2016-07-11
elmo-axis-libs Developer 2014-05-26
eltclsh Developer 2014-02-20
FAPE Project administrator, Developer 2014-10-27
gdhe Developer 2018-09-10
genom2 Developer 2014-12-19
tclserv Developer 2019-08-23
genom3 Developer 2014-03-03
demo-genom3 Developer 2018-07-30
genom3-bip Developer 2018-07-31
genom3-openprs Project administrator, Developer 2014-10-28
genom3-orocos Developer 2014-07-24
genom3-pocolibs Developer 2014-03-03
genom3-ros Developer 2014-03-03
transgen3 Project administrator 2014-10-28
genomix Developer 2014-03-03
matlab-genomix Developer 2015-06-16
rosix Developer 2015-05-28
tcl-genomix Developer 2014-03-03
HATP Developer 2014-04-04
hatpconsole Developer 2014-04-04
hatp_msgs Developer 2016-07-27
hatponboard Developer 2014-04-04
hatponboard-lib Developer 2014-04-04
hatp (ROS metapackage) Developer 2016-07-28
hatptester Developer 2014-04-04
libhatp - closed Developer 2014-04-04
msgconnector - closed Developer 2014-04-04
icub-libs Developer 2020-06-30
Image processing software Developer 2018-11-23
hueblob-genom Developer 2018-11-23
iRobot robots Developer 2017-01-24
IVMob Developer 2014-06-04
jido Developer 2015-03-09
joystick-genom3 Developer 2016-04-15
libkdtp Developer 2017-11-06
lwr-controller Developer 2014-05-16
lwrc-genom Developer 2014-05-16
lwri-genom Developer 2014-05-16
Miscelaneous sensors Developer 2018-08-14
daqflex-libs Developer 2018-08-14
kvh-gyro Developer 2018-08-14
mccdaqft-genom3 Developer 2018-08-21
xsens-mti Developer 2018-08-14
mkdep Developer 2018-09-10
Move3d Developer 2017-05-02
mPower Developer 2014-09-07
openprs Project administrator 2014-10-27
openrobots-idl Developer 2014-03-10
pepper Developer 2016-08-01
naoqios-ros Developer 2016-08-05
pepper_teleop Developer 2016-08-01
pocolibs Developer 2014-12-19
Pose estimation and localization software Developer 2019-03-21
gps Developer 2019-05-22
gps-genom3 Developer 2019-05-22
optitrack-genom3 Developer 2019-03-21
pom-genom3 Developer 2019-03-21
pr2motion-genom3 Developer 2016-07-25
pr2-robot Developer 2017-05-22
robotpkg Reporter 2018-05-04
robotpkg/wip Developer 2018-05-03
segway-robots Developer 2015-08-18
shary2 Developer 2014-05-13
Sick LD-MRS Developer 2015-08-17
Simulation and hardware emulation software Developer 2019-04-02
libmrsim Developer 2019-04-02
mrsim-gazebo Developer 2019-04-02
optitrack-gazebo Developer 2019-04-02
softMotion Developer 2016-03-07
Speech processing and audio software Developer 2020-03-05
textos-genom Developer 2020-03-05
telekyb3 Developer 2014-05-28
maneuver-genom3 Developer 2016-10-06
mikrokopter-genom3 Developer 2015-09-28
mrsim-genom3 Developer 2016-10-06
nhfc-genom3 Developer 2015-09-28
phynt-genom3 Developer 2018-07-03
rotorcraft-genom3 Developer 2019-08-13
tk3-flash Developer 2014-12-01
tk3-matlab Developer 2015-06-30
tk3-mikrokopter Developer 2015-01-20
uavatt-genom3 Developer 2018-06-07
uavpos-genom3 Developer 2018-06-07
Velodyne-lidars Developer 2018-06-07
vstp Developer 2018-04-04



10:52 genom3 Bug #276 (Feedback): Profundis: export current statistics does what it says...
I first thought it was a bug, but it is a feature… the exported statistics in the file are the one currently visible ... François Félix Ingrand


11:07 rotorcraft-genom3 Bug #271 (Closed): [rotorcraft-genom3] suggestion: servo interrupts servo...
I suggest servo interrupts servo.
As it is currently written, it does not make sense to run two at the same time…
François Félix Ingrand


13:44 genom3 Bug #270 (Closed): [genom3] boolean type in .gen not properly handled in codel file.
This simple module is correct for genom3, but does not compile.
component foo {
function set_foo(in boolean bar...
François Félix Ingrand


12:43 maneuver-genom3 Bug #267 (New): maneuver-genom3 out of bound goto and waypoint
Should not goto, waypoint, etc throw an exception (e.g. e_limits) when we request positions outside the bounding box ... François Félix Ingrand
09:39 nhfc-genom3 Bug #266 (Closed): nhfc-genom3 servo should probably interrupt itself... and mk_main_stop better be called nhfc_main_stop
for mk_main_stop, it is to avoid a codel name conflict when all the modules are in the same exec.
git diff
diff -...
François Félix Ingrand


14:41 genom3-ros Bug #225: A genom3-ros module linked with opencv die on Alarm at startup.
This is on an ubuntu 14.04 (not my choice)...
pkg-config --modversion opencv
I also had it on an ubuntu 1...
François Félix Ingrand


14:48 genom3-ros Bug #225: A genom3-ros module linked with opencv die on Alarm at startup.
Digging further, I noticed that the module works fine if I start it in daemon mode (-b). François Félix Ingrand
14:21 genom3-ros Bug #225 (New): A genom3-ros module linked with opencv die on Alarm at startup.
etdisc@etdisc-virtual-machine:~/work/bug/build$ bug-ros
bug: advertising ports
bug: initialized outport genom_stat...
François Félix Ingrand


13:51 genom3 Pull request #217 (Closed): add a -d option to skeleton template to generate README.adoc only...
No need... make merge does the same thing...
François Félix Ingrand
10:17 genom3-pocolibs Pull request #218 (Feedback): Add codel usage statistic (# of automata transitions, and codel execution #, time, min, max, average ).
I have been pushing this on my own branch for a while... if it can make it to the master one, it will make my life ea... François Félix Ingrand

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