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17:27 jido Revision da5e1644 [master] (mor-libs): test: display computed odometry.
17:26 jido Revision 95ed9f15 (mor-libs): mor: assert global motor failure on motor failures, not on operation disbled
XXX motors disabled flag may be needed, but for now applications can
track this state.
17:25 jido Revision 250af986 (mor-libs): pad relayboard display messages with spaces.
17:24 jido Revision 3d344d81 (mor-libs): mor: add a 'moving' flag that is true when wheels motors are moving.
This helps applications that want to shut motors off when the base
is not moving. Detecting that steering motors are ...
17:21 jido Revision a6735746 (mor-libs): less verbose.
Don't print motor operation enabled/disabled messages
but add a message in case of motor failure.
17:18 jido Revision 7f160df0 [master] (jido2-ros): Various improvements toward a working node.
- cache the tracked speed and send them to the motors in spinOnce()
- exit on E-Stop
- fix the motors ON/OFF logic (t...
12:03 jido Revision e29ea422 (mor-libs): Avoid segfaulting in morEnd() if a read task is running.
Wait for the readtask to finish by using pthread_join() in morEnd().
And give the readtask a chance to exit by callin...


18:21 jido Revision 23578f04 (jido2-ros): Add .gitignore
18:19 jido Revision 8bda66dc (jido2-ros): document dependency on mor-libs
18:18 jido Revision a5f7ee5a (jido2-ros): Add mor_teleop a package to operate the platform with a joystick.

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