Matthieu Herrb





11:52 pr2-robot pr2-salt 0.5 released
version 0.5 (and the 0.4 version which was not advertised) include some refactoring to prepare support for other Ubun...
11:37 pr2-robot Revision 6079bd93 [master, tag: pr2-salt-0.5] (pr2-salt): Checkout sources in /usr/src instead of /tmp
This lets them stick on reboot and make the states idempotent.
11:34 pr2-robot Revision 47e676a2 (pr2-salt): Purge network-manager


19:13 pr2-robot Revision b8a943a7 [tag: pr2-salt-0.4] (pr2-salt): pr2-sysros: use a template for package dependencies.
19:11 pr2-robot Revision 2dd94627 (pr2-salt): remove bluez-utils from the list of dependencies of pr2-environment
'bluez-utils' is an empty transitional package in Ubuntu precise and
trusty and nonexistent in xenial
17:56 pr2-robot Revision 9c344184 (pr2-salt): Override tftpd config on c2 so that it doesn't start by default
17:17 pr2-robot Revision f68c7d59 (pr2-salt): unionfs-mark-sendsigs-omit: make executable and activate.
This fixes the shutdown and reboot of c2
15:10 pr2-robot Revision 56106fa7 (pr2-salt): Use map.jinja here too.
15:10 pr2-robot Revision 8c4bab2b (pr2-salt): sync pr2-core-impl submodule
15:10 pr2-robot Revision 3ac3357d (pr2-salt): Add initial support for xenial

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