Guilhem Saurel

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20:06 robotpkg/wip Revision c81f8696 [master] (robotpkg-wip): [wip/py-hqp] Initial import
Guilhem Saurel
19:17 robotpkg/wip Revision be7568fa (robotpkg-wip): [wip/py-bmtools] Initial import
Guilhem Saurel
19:12 robotpkg/wip Revision b994e579 (robotpkg-wip): [wip/hpp-baxter] Stay on v4.4.0
Guilhem Saurel
18:04 robotpkg Revision 5a132857 [master] (robotpkg): [graphics/gepetto-viewer-corba] Update to v5.2.1
Changes since v5.2.0:
- fix omniorb generated files
Packaging changes:
- we have to build this package outside of th...
Guilhem Saurel


15:47 robotpkg Revision 4c8da101 (robotpkg): [math/py-eigenpy] Update to v1.5.1
Changes since v1.5.0:
- fix a serious bug related to Python3 which was occurring when exiting the interpreter.
- make...
Guilhem Saurel
11:42 robotpkg/wip Revision 80aac249 (robotpkg-wip): [wip/py-curves] Initial import
Guilhem Saurel


16:32 robotpkg/wip Revision b6254a60 (robotpkg-wip): [wip/hpp-rbprm-corba] Update to v4.5.0
Changes since v4.4.0:
- add API for posture weights
- Update and add tools script
- fix com-rrt Python API
- fullbody...
Guilhem Saurel
16:19 robotpkg/wip Revision 8f511b1a (robotpkg-wip): [wip/hpp-rbprm-robot-data] Update to v4.5.0
Changes since v4.4.0:
- don't add any lib to the .pc, as there is none in this package
Guilhem Saurel
16:09 robotpkg/wip Revision 052a1dfa (robotpkg-wip): [wip/hpp-affordance] Update to 4.5.0
Guilhem Saurel
15:50 robotpkg/wip Revision b374082c (robotpkg-wip): [wip/hpp-rbprm] Update to v4.5.0
Changes since v4.4.0:
- Fix and improve contact generation methods
- Update and fix limb-rrt
- Fix error in kinodynam...
Guilhem Saurel

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