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FAPE Developer 2015-10-23



02:36 FAPE Revision 221955ac (fape): adding the ictai paper (a copy of ectai) and some ANML problems
Filip Dvorak


21:26 FAPE Revision f379d184 (fape): some of the experimental domains
Filip Dvorak


17:33 FAPE Revision d1e8df13 (fape): correcting lmcut corner-cases (actions with no preconditions, trivially unsatisfiable plans), correcting balance constraint behavior, adding "strictlyBefore" into STN
Filip Dvorak
15:10 FAPE Revision 58d2ded3 (fape): adding canBeStrictlyBefore
copying the network under that, sounds inefficient, but shall serve the purpose for now Filip Dvorak


15:22 FAPE Revision e27d5705 (fape): adding flaw selection preferring resource conflicts, adding pure planning time to the reporting (the runtime performance of the parser tends to be a bit unstable, obfuscating the results)
Filip Dvorak


19:11 FAPE Revision b0814034 (fape): correcting the behavior of reservoirs, when in some scenarios the consistency checking was growing exponentially
Filip Dvorak
02:32 FAPE Revision f186f8c6 (fape): correcting some bugs in landmark-cut (no interesting performance gains), new plan selection strategy Fex (counting unbound object variables) - performs 4-5x better then anything I have tried so far (e.g. --strats lcf>abs|fex>soca)
Filip Dvorak


17:16 FAPE Revision 1d4967ec (fape): adding some large evelators domains and experiment runner
Filip Dvorak


22:57 FAPE Revision febfe523 (fape): new plan selection heuristic based on landmark-cut, some debug on resources
Filip Dvorak


21:12 FAPE Revision 17531d7c (fape): commenting out a machine-tied output
testing the RPG runtime, I have commented out a hard-coded log output Filip Dvorak

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