• arduio

    This software runs on an Arduino board and provides remote control of the board I/Os through a serial, message-based communication.

    • arduio-genom3

      GenoM3 component connecting to an Arduino board running 'arduio'.

  • dynamixel-genom3

    GenoM3 component controlling dynamixel motors.

    This component provides position, velocity and torque control or dynamixel motors.

  • elmo-axis-libs

    Simple library to control one elmo harmonica axis

  • eltclsh

    eltclsh (editline tcl shell) is an interactive shell for the TCL programming language. It provides command line editing, history browsing as well as variables and command completion thanks to editline features. The completion engine is programmable in a way similar to tcsh, and comes with an intelligent completion for the full tcl language by default....

  • FAPE

    FAPE: Flexible Planning and Acting Environment

    FAPE is an actor and planner for robotics, using the ANML language as an input.

    Planning is done in plan-space, with a rich temporal representation and support for Hierarchical Task Networks.

  • genom2

    The Generator of Modules GenoM is a tool to design real-time software architectures. It is more specifically dedicated to complex on-board systems, such as autonomous robots.

  • genom3

    The Generator of Modules GenoM is a tool to design real-time software architectures. It encapsulates software functions inside independent components. GenoM is more specifically dedicated to complex on-board systems, such as autonomous mobile robots or satellites, that require:...

    • genom3-openprs

      The genom3-openprs template provides a genom3 template for generating openprs code to control GenoM3 components.

    • genom3-orocos

      The genom3-orocos template provides a GenoM3 template for generating orocos-based components.

    • genom3-pocolibs

      The genom3-pocolibs template provides a GenoM3 template for generating pocolibs-based components.

    • genom3-ros

      The genom3-ros template provides a GenoM3 template for generating ros-based components.

    • transgen3

      Transgen3 provides a way to generate an openprs supervisor controlling a set of genom3 components. For each of the GenoM3 component, you will need to use the genom3-openprs template.

  • genomix

    The genomix HTTP server is a generic interface between clients and genom components (using the generic genom C client template). Control is done by the mean of specific HTTP GET requests.

    • matlab-genomix

      matlab-genomix provides a MATLAB package that interacts with the genomix HTTP server and can control GenoM3 components. It can also be used with the rosix server to control ros nodes.

      The package implements interactive prompting for arguments of services. Services can be invoked synchronously or asynchronously and callbacks can be triggered whenever services complete....

    • rosix

      The rosix HTTP server is a generic interface between clients and ros nodes. Control is done by the mean of specific HTTP GET requests.

      This server is compatible with the genomix server, meaning that genomix clients can be used directly with this server....

    • tcl-genomix

      tcl-genomix package provides a TCL package that interacts with the genomix HTTP server and can control GenoM3 components.

      It can prompt interactively for arguments of services. Services can be invoked synchronously or asynchronously and callbacks can be triggered whenever services complete....

  • gps

    Libraries, utilities and genom module to control a differential Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • HATP

    HATP is an HTN planner.

    The project is decomposed in submodules:
    • hatponboard, hatponboard-lib: the core of the planner
    • hatptester: to send plan request
    • hatpconsole: to display the plans found
    • msgconnector: the middleware so modules can communicate...
  • iRobot robots

    Software for the iRobot family (ATRV, ATRV-Jr, B21r,...) using the rFlex micro-controller.

  • IVMob

    Interface library and genom module for the Sterela 4MOB platform

  • jido

    Software for the jido robots

  • joystick-genom3

    This component exports the readings of any joystick device connected to the host computer.

  • kvh-gyro

    Drivers for various KVH gyroscopes

  • libkdtp

    Kinodynamic Trajectory Planner

    Spline-based, minimum time, constant snap trajectory generator. It applies to any robot with decoupled dynamics (or differencially flat).

    Whitepaper: Alexandre Boeuf, Juan Cortes, Rachid Alami, Thierry Simeon. Enhancing sampling-based kinodynamic motion planning for quadrotors. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Sep 2015, Hamburg, Germany. 2015....

  • lwr-controller

    lwr-controller is a control interface for Kuka arm based on softMotion. It uses FRI (Fast Research Interface) to communicate with the controller.

    lwrc-genom is the control part.
    lwri-genom is the interface.

    The main idea is to use trajectories to control the robots. It uses softMotion trajectories, but other trajectories can be approximated. Cartesian and join trajectories are accepted. lwri can also compute simple trajectories and then execute them....

    • lwrc-genom

      lwrc-genom is the control part of lwr-controller.

    • lwri-genom

      lwri-genom is the interface part of lwr-controller.

  • morse

    MORSE, the Modular OpenRobots Simulation Engine

  • Move3d

    Programming system for motion planning, includes services like collision detection, robot kinematics and an OpenGL viewer.

  • mPower

    Ubiquity Networks mPower interface

  • openprs

    OpenPRS is an open source version of PRS (Procedural Reasoning Systems).

    It is based on C-PRS and Propice... which were themselves inspired from the Lisp PRS originaly developped at SRI International by me and then others. PRS has been used for a wide variety of applications, from mobile robot execution control to Space Shuttle operational procedure execution....

  • openrobots-idl

    Common IDL interfaces for genom3 components.

  • optitrack-genom3

    GenoM3 component exporting motion capture data from an Optitrack system.

  • pepper

    Software for the pepper robot

    • naoqios-ros

      robotpkg packages to install ROS and its dependencies on NaoOiOS

    • pepper_teleop

      Launch and configuration files to use the ROS joy_teleop node on Pepper

  • pocolibs

    System communication and real-time primitive layers used by GenoM modules.

  • pom-genom3

    GenoM3 component for localization.

    This component collects position/velocity/acceleration measurements from other components, and
    generate a fused state estimation from these sources.

  • pr2motion-genom3

    PR2 Robot motion controller with Genom3

  • pr2-robot

    Keeping track of PR2 software configuration after the end of Clearpath Robotics support.

  • robotpkg

    robotpkg is a compilation framework and packaging system for installing robotics software developed by the robotic community. It also contains packages for some general, third-party open-source software that the robotics software depends on and that is not commonly packaged by major unix distributions....

    • pkgrepo2deb

      pkgrepo2deb creates binary-only debian packages or debian repositories (packages plus administrative files Packages{,.gz} and Release{,.gpg}) from a robotpkg binary package repository or from a specified set of packages.

    • rbulkit

      rbulkit is a set of helper scripts and programs for managing robotpkg bulk
      builds. It features:

      • rbulk-build, a shell script performing all the necessary tasks to run a build and produce an HTML report.
      • rbulk-report creates (or update) an sqlite3 database from the results of a previous bulk build. The database is populated with the log files lefts by the robotpkg bulk target. rbulk_report can also generate a detailed (HTML) report from the bulk data available in the database....
    • robotpkg-www

      Static data of the robotpkg web site.

    • robotpkg/wip

      robotpkg/wip (work in progress) is a subset of robotpkg used by people actively involved in creating packages or testing new releases of packages. robotpkg/wip contains a set of packages that are likely not to install smoothly or not even compile and that do require more work before final integration into robotpkg....

  • roralink

    Robot Radio Link

    Tunnel that allows seamless switch from wired to wireless connection for a robot

  • segway-robots

    Software for the Segway RMP 400 and 440 robots

  • Sick LD-MRS

    Software for the Sick LD-MRS laser scanners

  • softMotion

    SoftMotion Planner Library

  • telekyb3

    The free and open source TeleKyb platform is a software framework for the development of groups of quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Among drivers for devices and robots from various hardware manufactures, TeleKyb provides a high-level closed-loop robotic controller for mobile robots that can be extended dynamically with modules for state estimation, trajectory planning, processing, and tracking....

    • maneuver-genom3

      Simple maneuver planner for aerial robots.

      Implements vertical take-off/landing, goto and waypoint-based trajectories.

    • mikrokopter-genom3

      Low level hardware controller for mikrokopter quadrotors.

      This component takes a desired wrench (forces + torques) control input in body frame and computes the propellers velocities accordingly.

    • mrsim-genom3

      Multi-rotor simulator.

      Provides a pty emulating the tk3-mikrokopter communication protocol and implements all the tk3-mikrokopter features. In addition, a 'gps' port provides a simulation of a gps/motion capture device and a 'state' port provides the full state without noise, to be used as a 'ground truth' state....

    • nhfc-genom3

      Near-hovering flight controller.

      This implements a basic sabilization controller, as described here:
      R. Spica, Robuffo Giordano, P., Ryll, M., Bülthoff, H. H., and Franchi, A., “An Open-Source Hardware/Software Architecture for Quadrotor UAVs”, in 2nd IFAC Workshop on Research, Education and Development of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Compiegne, France, 2013....

    • tk3-flash

      Utility for flashing Mikrokopter boards (flight controller and brushless controller).

    • tk3-matlab

      A MATLAB interface and a Simulink block to control hardware running the tk3-mikrokopter software.

    • tk3-mikrokopter

      An embedded autopilot running on board the Mikrokopter hardware.

  • vstp

    Very Simple Trajectory Planner

Also available in: Atom