tk3-paparazzi 1.3 released

Added by Anthony Mallet about 2 months ago


  • Implement servo control with PWM / DSHOT and Bidirectional DSHOT, settable via servo-mode and servo-freq settings.
  • Add PID velocity control when using Bi-DSHOT.
  • Add a setting for disabling MKBL (i2c) communication, via mkbl-motors=0 setting.
  • Add 16 buttons to the gamepad HID, representing each axis high or low state.
  • Fix gamepad HID descriptor to actually present 8 axes.
  • Add a radio control software kill switch, settable via rc-kill-chan and rc-kill-mode settings.
  • Stop MKBL motors after disconnection (#389).
  • Report IMU temperature along with the sensor readings
  • Forward ESC clock-rate adjustments messages to host, for e.g. rotorcraft log files.
  • Switch chimera to a STM32F765 (was 67). Due to the chip shortage, some batches were made with a STM32F765. As far as we are concerned, it only differs from the 67 in amount of flash, and we are small enough to not be affected.



tk3-paparazzi 1.2 released

Added by Anthony Mallet about 2 years ago


  • Fix sensors reading when usb is hotplugged.
  • Fix magic sequence detection for software reset.
  • Log incoming USB messages dropped because they are too long.
  • Add a software flow control in the USB CDC.
  • Add CAN bus and UART 8 support through second USB CDC. Raw messages are encapsulated in tk3 messages starting with "^4" and "^8" respectively.
  • Add tk3-mux helper program to present individual CAN and UART pty devices to the host computer. CAN bus pty is compatible with slcand(1) API.
  • Update to latest chibios 19.1.x (no functional change).




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