The only required external dependency is the avr-gcc cross compiler, available on most platforms. You also need the tiny avr-libc C library. Check your system documentation for getting these software.


The package uses the autoconf framework to build and install itself. Simply run the bundled configure script to compile and install the software. For instance:

% ./configure --prefix=$HOME/devel
% make install

You can check the autoconf online documentation for more help.

Note To generate the configure script, you have to run autoreconf in the source tree if you got the sources from the git repository instead of a tarball.


The package installs mainly two files in your installation prefix:

  • <prefix>/lib/tk3-firmware/mkbl, for the brusheless ESC.

  • <prefix>/lib/tk3-firmware/mkfl, for the flight controller board.


In order to program both the brushelss and flight controller, you have to upload the programs in the microcontroller flash memory. This can be done with the tk3-flash program, available at

The reason why a specific program is needed is because the mikrokopter hardware uses a custom bootloader (that is not replaced by this package, so that you can always flash back the original mikrokopter software) and also because both the mkbl and mkfl programs have dynamic parameters, stored in the 'EEPROM' memory, than can be changed with the tk3-flash utility without recompiling the software.

Note When uploading a program for the first time, make sure to use the -i flag of tk3-flash to properly initialize the runtime parameters.