Telekib3 Mikrokopter

This package contains an autopilot running on board the Mikrokopter hardware.

There are two programs: the brushless speed controller code (called mkbl), compatible with the version 2 of the BL-Ctrl board and the autopilot proper (called mkfl), compatible with the Flight-Ctrl 2.1 and 2.5 boards.

The ESC software provides PWM or velocity control. PWM control is available for debugging or direct control (without the flight controller software). It is normally not used. The velocity controller provides a precise control of the spinning velocity of the propellers. For optimal precision in the velocity measurement, the internal microcontroller oscillator can be calibrated by sending timestamped messages. mkbl also contains a safety feature that limits the maximum current drawn by the motor. Whenever the maximum allowed current is reached, the spinning velocity is progressively reduced until the current reaches back a safe level. There are also power on self tests that checks that the hardware MOSFETs are working properly before starting up.

The flight controller sofware provides attitude stabilization. This is a work in progress at the moment.