rotorcraft-genom3 3.0 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 9 months ago


  • Add support for tk3-paparazzi firmware.
  • Add 'mag' port, exporting magnetometer data (if present, only on paparazzi).
  • Update set_sensor_rate() to accept a magnetomer streaming rate.
  • Extend IMU calibration with a simple magnetomer calibration procedure (if present).
  • Replace obsolete IMU band filter to reject vibrations by a new 1st order low pass filter, with independent settings for accelerometer, gyroscopes and magnetometers.
  • Check sensor rate in the start() service and wait until it reaches 80% of required rate.
  • Gracefully slow down motors when sensor rates drops below 80% of the requested rate.
  • Drop optinal second tty parameter in the connect() service (never been used).
  • Support baud rate 0 in connect() for native USB ttys without baud rates.
  • Support rate 0 in set_sensor_rates().



mikrokopter-genom3 renamed to rotorcraft-genom3

Added by Anthony Mallet about 1 year ago

This component will control newer paparazzi-based hardware, so the name 'mikrokopter' would be a misnomer. rotorcraft-genom3 is just a rename of mikrokopter-genom3, so it is fully compatible.

The old project mikrokopter-genom3 has been closed and marked as read-only. The git repository is still accessible read-only, but it will receive no updates.

You are encouraged to switch your clones to the new remote using for instance:

git remote set-url origin ssh://


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