rbulkit is a set of helper scripts and programs for managing robotpkg bulk
builds. It features:

  • rbulk-build, a shell script performing all the necessary tasks to run a build and produce an HTML report.
  • rbulk-report creates (or update) an sqlite3 database from the results of a previous bulk build. The database is populated with the log files lefts by the robotpkg bulk target. rbulk_report can also generate a detailed (HTML) report from the bulk data available in the database.
  • rbulk-dispatchd schedules N parallel jobs amongst M with priority handling and job preemption.
  • rbulk-dispatch sends job requests to rbulk-dispatchd
  • rbulk-locked provides an advisory lock on a file from a shell script. It is designed to work on NFS filesystem.
  • rbulk-watchd is an inetd(8)-like daemon that executes jobs when it receives a remote notification.
  • rbulk-notify sends remote notifications to rbulk-watchd.

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