optitrack-genom3 2.0 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 5 years ago


  • Log tranmission delay in the debug log file
  • When loosing too many samples, reset the estimated remote timestamp
  • Compute the bandwidth usage, and add an attribute to retrieve it
  • Switch to openrobots2-idl
  • Fix the computation of the variance of the additional noise set by set_noise()
  • Document {set,get}_local_port()



optitrack-genom3 1.4 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 8 years ago


  • Support Motive-1.9 (natnet 2.9). Make sure to leave the new 'Y UP' streaming option in Motive untouched. (There is now a 'Z UP' option...)
  • Support the unicast streaming option of Motive (typically for Wifi connections). Multicast is still supported, and Motive streaming configuration can even be changed online without disrupting clients. Beware that each 'unicast' stream loads the streaming machine, and that unicast streams can only be stopped by stopping the streaming on the server.
  • Add an option to export individual marker position (added set_export request to configure what is exported):
    • Individual marker position associated to rigid bodies. This information is exported in the port markers/name, where name is the rigid body name.
    • Anonymous marker position, not associated to a rigid body. Those markers are found in markers/anonymous

    The X,Y,Z coordinates are expressed in the global optitrack frame.

  • Timestamp frame data more precisely (using E. Olson algorithm).
  • The 'connect' request now returns as soon a a connection is established, so that connection errors are more easily detected.




    Also available in: Atom