OpenPRS is an open source version of PRS (Procedural Reasoning Systems).

It is based on C-PRS and Propice... which were themselves inspired from the Lisp PRS originaly developped at SRI International by me and then others. PRS has been used for a wide variety of applications, from mobile robot execution control to Space Shuttle operational procedure execution.

If you have no idea at all what it is doing... well, you should probably just stop here and look at other fun open source tools.

OpenPRS has been written and is maintained by Félix Ingrand and is now made available under a BSD-style license.

OpenPRS is used as a "Procedural Executive" in the LAAS Architecture (see my publications page for references and papers describing this). To make this "integration" seamless and painless, we have developed a tool "TransGen" which allows to connect OpenPRS to modules defined with "GenoM". The most recent version of GenoM which is middleware independent can also be used. In which case, use the GenoM3 OpenPRS template and TransGen3 which allows to connect OpenPRS to modules defined with GenoM3.


The OpenPRS documentation is installed automatically, but can also be obtained from here.

Download and Install

There are a number of ways to install OpenPRS. The easiest way it to install it with robotpkg. Install robotpkg, and then:

cd robotpkg/supervision/openprs
make update

You may also grab the source tree with git (this will contain the most recent bleeding edge version):

git clone git://
cd openprs
mkdir build
cd build

Mail list, Bug report and GIT accesss

There is a sympa mail list to discuss all aspects of OpenPRS (usage, installation, coding, etc). Click here to subscribe.

If you feel like playing with the source and sending me patches, feel free to grab the git repository (see above)and send me patches by email.

Requirements and supported OS

These are the requirements to install OpenPRS:

GNU Autotools, X11, Lesstif or Motif, !LaTeX if you want to typeset the documentation, a PDF viewer if you want to look at it.

However, if you install OpenPRS with robotpkg, all requirements are taken care of automatically.

Note that despite what I thought first, robotpkg does work under Mac OSX, and you can install OpenPRS using it.

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