mrsim-gazebo is a gazebo plugin for multi-rotor simulation.

It emulates the tk3-mikrokopter software running on Mikrokopter hardware via a pty implementing the tk3-mikrokopter communication protocol and all the tk3-mikrokopter features so that the hardware can be fully emulated.

The rotor dynamics are simulated using a realistic motor model and a simple thrust/drag propeller model. The same hardware velocity controller as implemented in the tk3-mikrokopter software controls the propellers velocities. Then, at the user's choice, either the geometry of a model can be used to compute the total wrench applied to the rigid body, or an explicit allocation matrix can be specified.

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Developer: Alberto Dallolio, Alexandre Boeuf, Andrea Testa, Andreas Orthey, Anthony Mallet, Antonio Franchi, Ariel Podlubne, Arnaud Degroote, Artur Maligo, Aurélie Clodic, Benjamin Vadant, Burak Yuksel, Christelle Ecrepont, Christophe Reymann, Daniel Sidobre, Ellon Paiva Mendes, Florent Lamiraux, François Magimel, Félix Ingrand, Gaétan Laure, Grégoire Milliez, Guilhem Buisan, Guilhem Saurel, Harmish Khambhaita, Hermes Tello Chavez, Jean-Paul Marcade, Jose Luis Sanchez Lopez, Joseph Mirabel, Jules Waldhart, Julia Cohen, Justin Carpentier, Jérôme Manhes, Kévin Desormeaux, Luigi Bassetta, Mahmoud Hamandi, Malik Ghallab, Mamoun Gharbi, Marco Tognon, Markus Ryll, Martin Jacquet, Martin Lagleize, Matthieu Herrb, Michelangelo Fiore, Michele Furci, Nicolas Mansard, Nicolas Staub, Olivier Roussel, Olivier Stasse, Patrick Danes, Pierre Narvor, Pierrick Koch, Quentin Labourey, Quentin Sable, Ran Zhao, Raphaël Lallement, Renaud Viry, Rohan Budhiraja, Sandra Devin, Simon Lacroix, Subodh Mishra, Victor Arellano, Wuwei He, Yannick Riou, robots