mikrokopter-genom3 2.0 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 4 years ago


  • Switch to openrobots2-idl
  • Reset imu values to NaN in case of timeout, to clean log files
  • Measure effective sensor rate and refuse to servo() if below 80% of the desired rate. Also log the measured rate in the log file
  • Don't scale input twice during startup ramp
  • Actually send only non-NaN rotors velocities (saves bandwidth)
  • Improve motor startup, by resending startup message in case it was lost
  • Print unknown flight controller messages on stderr.



mikrokopter-genom3 1.7 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 5 years ago


  • Log brushless controller clock rate in the log file
  • Log IMU timestamp in the log file
  • Use aio(7) for logging and drop log entries when io requests are too slow.
  • Fix initial scaling ramp when the input port is not updated during 2 periods or more.
  • Wait until all motors have cleared their emergency flag before starting (that would otherwise prevent proper start after a failure to start).
  • Fix a logic bug in the startup monitoring, which could cause an infinite wait.
  • Document some services, in particular calibrate_imu() and set_zero().



mikrokopter-genom3 1.6 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 6 years ago


  • Raise an error in set_velocity() only if a motor in in emergency (#99)
  • Use ASYNC_LOW_LATENCY ioctl on the tty when available, and check that the ftdi latency is actually 1ms.
  • Use openrobots-idl-1.4, drop now superfluous "rotors" port (merged into rotor_measurement port) (#110).
  • Add a set_throttle() service, setting an open-loop PWM (#111).
  • Allow a direct connection to a single brushless controller (with mkbl software).
  • Allow opening ttys by passing their usb serial id.
  • Replace NaN with zeroes in set_velocity() and set_throttle(), to avoid spinning at excessive velocity in case of a bug (#102).



mikrokopter-genom3 1.5 released

Added by Anthony Mallet almost 7 years ago


  • Add a notch filter removing most of the propellers mechanical vibrations. Parameters can be tuned via a set/get interface.
  • Process only one message at a time on the tty channel. This provides a better scheduling on a loaded machine.
  • Allow individual motor start and stop. mikrokopter::disable function may now be called while motors are spinning. This will stop the designated motor id.



mikrokopter-genom3 1.1 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 7 years ago


  • Implement more precise timestamping of data (motor data, imu) from flight controller.
  • Implement full IMU calibration (requires a minimum of 10 different static poses).
  • Add a logging request.
  • Let the start() service detect if some motors are failing to start.
  • Add a 'set_wrench' service, allowing to set a desired wrench once (useful only if called periodically).
  • Fixed minor issues




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