From 2017-04-23 to 2017-05-22


14:49 mikrokopter-genom3 1.6 released
h3. Changes
* Raise an error in set_velocity() only if a motor in in emergency (#99)
Anthony Mallet
13:48 Revision d202a6ab [tag: mikrokopter-genom3-1.6] (mikrokopter-genom3): Release 1.6
Anthony Mallet


18:49 Revision 5eee4184 (mikrokopter-genom3): Filter out NaN from input velocity / throttle
If an input velocity is NaN, send 0 instead.
Fixes #102.
Anthony Mallet
18:10 Revision e01ce292 (mikrokopter-genom3): Check the FTDI latency timer when connecting to such a device
This ensures that the linux bug disregarding the ASYNC_LOW_LATENCY setting is
not in effect.
Anthony Mallet
18:06 Revision 253b8a41 (mikrokopter-genom3): Reset receive ring buffer when reconnecting to a device
A previous disconnection may have left the input buffer in a partially
processed state or with unread data that must ...
Anthony Mallet
11:31 Revision c71ca2b5 (mikrokopter-genom3): Allow opening a tty by giving its (usb) serial number
Before opening the given path, try to match a usb serial number. If there
is a match, the corresponding device node i...
Anthony Mallet


15:22 Revision 98ec72ab (mikrokopter-genom3): Allow a direct connection to a brushless controller (with mkbl sofware)
While here, require mk{b,f}l >= 1.8 for the set_throttle() service and accept
connecting to a flymu>=1.8.
Anthony Mallet


11:33 Revision c7420439 (mikrokopter-genom3): Add a set_throttle() service, that sets the desired PWM for all rotors
Closes #111 Anthony Mallet


17:33 Revision a90097d6 (mikrokopter-genom3): Get rid of superfluous internal state data after openrobots-idl upgrade
The rotorcraft interface of openrobots-idl>=1.4 now allows to directly export
all measured data, without creating an ...
Anthony Mallet
14:31 Revision 4bffda70 (mikrokopter-genom3): Require openrobots-idl >= 1.4
Mechanical replacement of data field that have changed since
No functional change.
Anthony Mallet


17:43 Revision a535a8c6 (mikrokopter-genom3): Use Linux ASYNC_LOW_LATENCY ioctl when available
Linux commit c6dce2626606e drops the ASYNC_LOW_LATENCY default setting in the
ftdi_sio driver. One must set it manual...
Anthony Mallet


18:11 Revision c9a654af (mikrokopter-genom3): Fix -Wunused-parameter and -Wsign-compare warnings
NFC Anthony Mallet

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