From 2016-10-11 to 2016-11-09


17:21 mikrokopter-genom3 1.5 released
h3. Changes
* Add a notch filter removing most of the propellers mechanical vibrations. Parameters can be tuned v...
Anthony Mallet
16:41 Revision 3eadf920 [tag: mikrokopter-genom3-1.5] (mikrokopter-genom3): Release 1.5
Anthony Mallet
16:29 Revision 04354c94 (mikrokopter-genom3): Allow individual motor start and stop
The mikrokopter::disable function may now be called while motors are
spinning. This will stop and disable the designa...
Anthony Mallet
11:38 Revision a6f350e6 (mikrokopter-genom3): Add an attribute setting the IMU filter parameters
Anthony Mallet
11:37 Revision 1094e54d (mikrokopter-genom3): Update a comment
Anthony Mallet


11:56 Revision 73b02cfb (mikrokopter-genom3): Initialize the IIR filter for the IMU with the first reading
This avoids a strange initial filter response, which is especially painful in
simulation, sometimes leading to unreal...
Anthony Mallet
11:56 Revision 9dd6f65f (mikrokopter-genom3): Process only one message at a time on the tty channel
Instead of looping on all available messages in the message reception
codel, use the genom state machine to achieve t...
Anthony Mallet


19:00 Revision 3595a39e (mikrokopter-genom3): Add a notch filter removing most of the propellers mechanical vibrations
Anthony Mallet

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