Installing GenoM3

preliminary information

robotpkg is the easiest way to install the different programs as it automatically takes care of the dependencies. We indicate (the robotpkg path / or the git repository) in case you prefer a manual installation from source using the git repositories. With robotpkg, you just need to run make update in the given directories below. For a manual install, you need to git clone each repository and run the following commands for each component (with ${INSTALL_PATH} the place where you want to install the software):

% autoreconf -vi
% mkdir build && cd build
% ../configure --prefix=${INSTALL_PATH}
% make install

GenoM3 (mandatory)

You need to install the following software:

  • genom3 (robotpkg/architecture/genom3 / git:// This is the genom3 program itself.

add pocolibs middleware

If you want to generate code for the pocolibs middleware:

  • pocolibs (robotpkg/middleware/pocolibs / git://
  • genom3-pocolibs (robotpkg/wip/genom3-pocolibs / git:// This will install the pocolibs related GenoM3 template (pocolibs/server, pocolibs/client/c)

add ROS middleware

If you want to generate code for the ROS middleware:

  • ros (at least fuerte version)
  • genom3-ros (robotpkg/wip/genom3-ros / git:// This will install all the ROS related GenoM3 template (ros/server, ros/client/c, ros/client/ros).

add tcl control ability

If you want to control your modules from tcl you need to install:

  • genomix (robotpkg/net/genomix / git://
  • tcl-genomix (robotpkg/supervision/tcl-genomix / git://
  • eltclsh (robotpkg/shell/eltclsh / git://

add PRS control ability

If you plan to use OpenPRS with Transgen3 as a supervisor to control your modules you need to install:

  • openprs (robotpkg/supervision/openprs / git://
  • transgen3 (robotpkg/wip/transgen3 / git:// (genom3 branch))
  • genom3-openprs (robotpkg/wip/genom3-openprs / git://

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