dynamixel-genom3 2.3 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 2 years ago


  • Add an input port and an activity to servo joints on a desired target.
  • Fix status message reception sometimes skipping a message.
  • Fix information message only telling about the first device detected and not the others.
  • Switched to openrobots2-idl (NFC)
  • Fix velocity and acceleration profile lost by the hardware after switching control mode.
  • Fixed a typo preventing to set the PWM limit
  • Fixed a typo preventing to set the P parameter of the velocity PID



dynamixel-genom3 2.1 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 6 years ago


  • Fix an issue with the dynamixel "byte stuffing" algorithm. In certain rare circumstances, wrongly escaped messages could be sent.
  • Fix the sending of commands when motors were not numbered sequentially.
  • Fix issues with the configure() service raising a bad_transition exception or not disconnecting a previously configured connection.
  • Reboot a motor after a successful call to configure().
  • Set a zero velocity target to all motors during a disconnect().
  • Add a stop() function, servoing all motos to a zero velocity target.
  • Document a bit the interface.



dynamixel-genom3 2.0 released

Added by Anthony Mallet almost 7 years ago


  • Update to dynamixel protocol 2.0 (and drop support for procotol 1.0)
  • Support the XM430-W350 motor id.
  • Add a 'configure' service that can setup a single device to the desired id and baud rate.
  • Detect devices that can talk protocol 2 and 1 (MX- series) and switch them automatically to protocol 2.
  • Implement position + torque control mode.
  • Add services setting and getting the motor position offset (zero).
  • Add services setting and getting the PID+FF position and PI velocity hardware parameters.
  • Add services setting and getting the velocity and acceleration motion profile in position control mode.
  • Handle motor power off/on while in 'connected' state.
  • Properly handle half-duplex communication by avoiding multiple writes when a read is expected (preventing spurious message loss).
  • Report message loss/corruption on stderr.




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