tk3-paparazzi: tk3-paparazzi 1.2 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 7 months ago


  • Fix sensors reading when usb is hotplugged.
  • Fix magic sequence detection for software reset.
  • Log incoming USB messages dropped because they are too long.
  • Add a software flow control in the USB CDC.
  • Add CAN bus and UART 8 support through second USB CDC. Raw messages are encapsulated in tk3 messages starting with "^4" and "^8" respectively.
  • Add tk3-mux helper program to present individual CAN and UART pty devices to the host computer. CAN bus pty is compatible with slcand(1) API.
  • Update to latest chibios 19.1.x (no functional change).



rotorcraft-genom3: rotorcraft-genom3 3.3 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 9 months ago


  • Don't fail servo() when motors are starting (#336)
  • Fix connection with 0 (unchanged) baudrate, especially useful for pure USB connections.
  • Log calibration data when requested even if calibration fails
  • Avoid numerical unstability during sample acquisition for calibration (#339)
  • Add support for the teensy board running teensyshot with tk3 comm
  • Add PID tuning set_pid() service (only for Teensy boards)



dynamixel-genom3: dynamixel-genom3 2.3 released

Added by Anthony Mallet 11 months ago


  • Add an input port and an activity to servo joints on a desired target.
  • Fix status message reception sometimes skipping a message.
  • Fix information message only telling about the first device detected and not the others.
  • Switched to openrobots2-idl (NFC)
  • Fix velocity and acceleration profile lost by the hardware after switching control mode.
  • Fixed a typo preventing to set the PWM limit
  • Fixed a typo preventing to set the P parameter of the velocity PID




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