genom3-pocolibs 1.15 released

Added by Anthony Mallet about 5 years ago


  • Fix port->close() for "multiple out" ports, so that a port with the same sub-name can be opened again.
  • Fix client/c port reading function when talking to multiple instances in the same program.
  • Fix startup error reporting in daemon mode (-b)
  • Change the behaviour in case a 'h2 end' is done while a component is running: clean as much as possible instead of generating a core dump, both in the server and in the client/c. Pending requests are terminated properly in the server (especially the stop codels) and are flagged as 'failed' with the genom::fatal exception in the client (since no report can be received anyway).
  • Fix potential wrong RPATH in the component binary when pulling dependencies that have -Wl,-rpath flag. libtool puts those in the wrong place, so convert them to the libtool equivalent "-R".