genom3 2.99.26 released

Added by Anthony Mallet over 8 years ago


  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Introduced 'paused' transitions. This allows to execute multiple states of a periodic activity during the same period. This breaks the behaviour of all activities running in a periodic task. In order to sleep until the next period, activities must now return a 'paused' transition (see documentation). A 'paused' transition in a task with no period behaves as the former special 'sleep' state (waits until another codel runs and returns a regular transition - i.e. not a paused one).
  • Dropped the special 'sleep' state (superseeded by 'paused' transitions).
  • Added a new [$codel mutex] template procedure, returning the list of mutually exclusive codels (sharing resources). This helps template in implementing better parallelism.
  • Do not require a 'start' state for permanent (task) activities. They can define only a 'stop' event.
  • Check at compile time that 'async' codels do not share any data with other tasks: since they are expected to run in parallel with other codels, this is a mandatory property. As a convenient exception, async codels sharing data with only the start or stop state of other permanent activities are still allowed.
  • Skeleton template remembers the -l c++ option so that 'make regen' works.
  • Miscelaneaous bug fixes, in particular in sequences mapping.


genom-2.99.26.tar.gz (812389 bytes)