Bug #246

create a erbium/dubnium build VM for PAL robots

Added by Anthony Mallet 6 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.



The VM would build binary packages for PAL robots, using the PAL forks or ROS packages.

It would detect the PAL robots using wip/sysdep/pal-distro.{sh,mk}


Updated by Anthony Mallet 6 months ago

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The hydra64-erbium machine is created with a regular ubuntu-16.04

Now, it must be decided how to setup this machine. To summarize, here
are the different possible choices as far as I understand the problem:

  • vanilla xenial: use system ROS /opt/ros/kinetic (in particular
    system ros-control)
  • erbium: use system /opt/pal (from real robot)
  • erbium: use robotpkg ROS (in particular prf-ros-control) (for simulation)

Are there other possibilities?

So should we install the PAL robots packages? How? Or configure
robotpkg to build prf-ROS packages?


Updated by Anthony Mallet 5 months ago

The hydra64-erbium machine is setup with
  • VPN access to archives.basestation PAL packages
  • ROS (kinetic) installed from the above PAL repository
  • A few PAL packages in /opt/pal from PAL repos (missing ones can be
    easily installed)

The bulk builds run on this machine and a PPA is available in
deb [arch=amd64] erbium robotpkg

Also available in: Atom PDF