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Added by Guilhem Saurel 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.




So now that wip-quadprog is building, it looks like the SYSTEM_SEARCH is wrong:

╰─>$ make show-var

(from wip/py-crocoddyl)

the PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX is missing. And if I just copy-paste its two-line definition from mk/sysdep/ to wip/py-quadprog/, this situation doesn't improve.

Do you have an idea about what am I missing ?

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Revision 1132180d (diff)
Added by Anthony Mallet 3 months ago

[mk/sysdep] Make sure PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX is not referenced too early

PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX needs a python interpreter to be computed properly, so it
cannot be used before the dependency resolution. In particular, it cannot be
used in SYSTEM_SEARCH.pkg (#212).

A possible solution could be to assign a default value, like '*.so', until the
dependency resolution has completed. This would fix #212 but it is a big magic
and the default value might not fit all contexts well.

This commit instead makes sure that an explicit error is raised if the variable
is used before it can be correctly defined, so that there are no surprise
regarding its value.

Revision e305aade (diff)
Added by Anthony Mallet 3 months ago

[wip/py-quadprog] Don't reference PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX in SYSTEM_SEARCH

PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX cannot be used before dependency resolution.

Fixes #212



Updated by Anthony Mallet 3 months ago

Mmm ... PYTHON_EXT_SUFFIX is only available after the dependency
resolution, once the $WRKDIR/.sysdepends file is created and contains
the SYSTEM_FILES.python27.

In the context of SYSTEM_SEARCH, this is too early, the make process
has not restarted and not read those files yet.

I will think about a possible solution, but I'm not sure if anything
simple can be done at all ...


Updated by Anthony Mallet 3 months ago

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