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11:41 softMotion Revision 10b26a08 (soft-motion-libs): Removed static from sm_cubiccatchupsegment and added documentation in swig
Kévin Desormeaux
03:06 softMotion Revision c3ffd69c (soft-motion-libs): Added the compromise part of iros paper. By default the optimization is not done
but we can set a flag of the class Sm_CubicCatchUpSegment to do it. However need to set the flag at a higher level li... Kévin Desormeaux


16:53 softMotion Revision d21920f5 (soft-motion-libs): Commented a line causing errors ligne 127. Ostringstream problem.
Added function to test zone 9 and 10 for iros paper compromise Kévin Desormeaux


22:47 softMotion Revision dd3604ec (soft-motion-libs): Fixed a bug from yesterday : trajIsDefined should be initialized at 1, not 0
Kévin Desormeaux


18:14 softMotion Revision 551dacd2 (soft-motion-libs): Improved time gestion in recomputeLinearVp
Kévin Desormeaux
16:53 softMotion Revision af2afeb5 (soft-motion-libs): Merge. Not passed limits by reference in recompute fixed.
Kévin Desormeaux


16:45 softMotion Revision ba8aeede (soft-motion-libs): Added function to recompute a via points trajectory with new limits
Kévin Desormeaux
16:16 softMotion Revision 09a60407 (soft-motion-libs): Using deque instead of vector for Sm_ViaPoints, better, and it changes nothing for the code
Kévin Desormeaux
16:11 softMotion Revision 191e64cc (soft-motion-libs): Begin to add a mean to recompute via points trajectories
Kévin Desormeaux


19:06 softMotion Revision 2db3fe92 (soft-motion-libs): Updated and commented some things in swig to be able to plot
Kévin Desormeaux

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