From 2019-05-27 to 2019-06-25


17:11 mikrokopter-genom3 2.0.1 released
h3. Changes
* Reset the time offset of the received IMU/motor data if it diverges too much.
* Don't publish IMU/m...
Anthony Mallet
17:02 Revision 84979695 [master, tag: mikrokopter-genom3-2.0.1] (mikrokopter-genom3): Release 2.0.1
Anthony Mallet
15:52 Revision 5ae0d242 (mikrokopter-genom3): Don't publish IMU/motor data at fixed 1kHz, but only when new data is present
This allows to tune the publishing frequency according to what the flight
controller sends. In particular, this can b...
Anthony Mallet
15:51 Revision ce5c21da (mikrokopter-genom3): Merge latest skeleton template
In particular, split properly the eigen3 codels dependency. Anthony Mallet

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